Conversation (im)balance

We assisted Julien F. Thomas, the artist in residence at DordtYart, in bringing his project "Conversation (im)balance" to fruition. The centerpiece of the project is a wooden platform that engages visitors by challenging their sense of balance through unexpected movements caused by the shifted center.

The design is a complex 3D puzzle consisting of interlocking wooden pieces that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. Each piece has a unique weight-reducing space-frame design with intricate detailing visible when the platform tilts.

To ensure optimal structure, weight distribution, and ease of re-construction, the 4-meter-wide platform was designed in 3D, and the 94 individual parts were parametrically translated into a 2D environment. This allowed for the export of CNC machine code, and each piece was then milled and constructed.

DordtYart Dordrecht / Museum kAde, Amersfoort


Julien F. Thomas


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